your COM to contact him personally. Tell him that you have someone here xvidios with xvideoscom you calling himself Khore. I won't let you harm me, so please don't make any foolish or sudden moves." I www.xvideos said calmly and released control of his body and vocal cords back to him. He was somewhat shaken, and immediately called for Bransen over his wrist COM. After a few moments and some grumbling he finished his conversation with Bransen. Looking at me he xvideos free grumbled, "Well someone sure as hell could have bothered to let me know a new face was going to be xvideos hentai xvideos indo down here. I nearly shit myself!" "Well then, I suppose you'd have two messes to clean after your shift." I x videos grinned letting my eyes fall down to the dried stain in his groin. Puffing out an exasperated xvids breath he took a moment to think it over and peered over xvideo com at www.xvideos com the work I had xxvideo been doing. 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He literally devoured xvideos jp everything I told him with full comprehension of what I had been doing and my ultimate goal for the incorporation of the MFM. He impressed me. In fact, he sped my work so much so that we were able xxvideo to complete the modifications an hour earlier than I had previously estimated. Gorgeous and www.xvideos.com a brain... it was a rare a combination indeed. Standing and looking at our work x video.com I reached to shake Jason's hand once more. He didn't hesitate xvedios at all this time as his large palmed engulfed mine. "I've been meaning to ask you something..." he said still holding my hand. "Exactly what was that earlier?" "My apologies... I made an error in energy strength earlier and accidentally caused everyone from levels 10 and below to have a sexual 'episode' as it were." I said blushing slightly. "Oh... uhh well thanks xxx videos for that too." He stammered the blood now flushing his cheeks, "But actually, I was referring to how you stopped me from moving." My face becoming even hotter with embarrassment I chuckled. "ohh that.. well... same concept different application." I left the explanation there knowing within days if not hours the entire complex would know more about me than anyone ever had. I'm sure that the whispers had started shortly after xvideoscom we entered the training area on level 10 earlier today. I was xvide a new face, and coupled with the orgasm wave x video.com there weren't going to be many that were not going to know who I was. "Well... tamil xvideos at least I started out with a xxx videos bang I suppose." I thought to myself. "Thank you for your xvideos video help with this. I appreciate it, and xvideos indo the conversation was a pleasant change. I hope that we can meet again under different circumstances. If you ever have a moment of free time I'd love to hear from you." I told him still wondering about what was further down his grey coveralls. My eyes fell south again uncontrollably and I could swear the bulge in front had somehow started sliding down his pant leg of its own doing. It was then I realized I hadn't let loose of his hand and he showed xvideos .com no signs of letting go either. My eyes drifted to his face and I could see I had xvieos been caught gawking. I wanted to let go of his hand... What the gay xvideos hell is going on? It wasn't supposed to be this strong! I tried to release his hand especially now noticing the bright white and blue flames of indian xvideos energy lick my skin and dance lightly xvideos indo across the flesh of his arm slowly climbing up to his shoulder. I could see the blue white light of my eyes in the reflection of his and he yanked me into his embrace and we kissed. This video x was not just a kiss hd xvideos through. 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Looking over at Jason he still lay flat against the table, with legs dangling over its edge and chest still busy with labored www xvideos.com breath. His eyes were glazed giving the appearance xvideos porn he was still lost in his orgasm while his body twitched occasionally like a xvideos anal x video.com sleeping newborn puppy. Grabbing his coveralls from the floor I gave them xxxvideos a few good snaps shaking too much dirt and dust from the cloth nearly choking. The buffeted smack of the fabric seemed to bring Jason back around as he weakly sat xvideos porn up relying too much on his tired arms to keep him from falling back again. "While that was surely the most incredible sex I have ever had, "he rasped, "A simple thank you would have sufficed." A videos x funny grin crossed xvideo com his face. He was still gone. "Thank you for being www.xvideos com here for me." I said somewhat sullen. "It was never supposed to be that intense. All of the models showed... well never mind." I tried to explain. "Khore... Report to my office www xvideos com IMMEDIATELY!" I jumped at a very pissed off yell from the COM xvideo gay on Jason's wrist. "Okay Stud... I think you'd better come with. Let's get mom xvideos you decent before I go face the executioner. The view is fabulous, but I think I'm pretty much fucked on this one." I xvideo com said as I worked the coveralls back up his legs talking more to xvideos tamil myself than xvideos japan to him. With minimal effort on Jason's part I was xvideos.con finally able to get him dressed and as he slumped his heavy ass against me as we made our way to the lift. Hitting the call button I shifted his weight a little as to relieve the stress in my shoulder. Damn he was heavy and I was fucking exhausted. "Khore... Report Immediately! That means NOW!" I jumped again as Doc's angry voice tore out of Jason's COM. "Fuck!" I xvideos japanese thought... and the doors on the lift opened. "Well.. what's done is done. It is what it is. Accept it, learn from it, and move on." I said matter-of-factly and drug Jason into the lift. Hitting the '20' button I felt our assent wisk me to my most assured ass reaming bitch fit of epoch proportions. Yeeee Haaaaaaww! I guess I could always just dump him here and bolt. Nahh.. that wouldn't work. Jason needs medical attention. Come to think of it.... I'm not feeling quite xvideos hentai right either. I hear me, but I don't sound like me at all! What the fuck! I punched the button a xx videos few xvideos 2 more times knowing xxxvideos that it was only my stress I was relieving and not that it would make us go any quicker. A futile gesture I would never have performed before. desi xvideos Ohhh helll yeah... something was not right. The doors opened and I passed a very satisfied blue eyed sweaty Nurse at the monitoring station on the way to Doc's office. The door opened as soon as I got x-videos past www.xvideo.com the tamil xvideos nurse and through the door, sat an extremely pissed off and sweaty Doc. "Get your ass in here right NOW!" he wwwxvideos hissed. I drug Jason with me his arm swung over my shoulder as we stumbled toward the door. "Wait... wait... ", Doc xvideos stood and came around the desk to assist me. "Chris... prep a bed for Dusty STAT." Squinty eyed he glanced in my direction and xvideos japan spit the x vedios words at me, "You... xvideo wait for me in my office." With that I shuffled Jason off of me and onto Doc and xvideos gays trudged into his office. Damn I was tired. I slid down into one of his recliners a bit harder and heavier than I meant to, which made the world wwwxvideos.com swim with a bounce and everything went black. xvideos xvideos --- Per suggestions from others, xx videos and a bit of work, I have re-written the entire story. Much of it is the same and the changes were cosmetic. I xvideos japanese have also added some more depth to beginning characters and added a few other things. The chapters are for the most part x vedios longer and I have wwwxvideos corrected some continuity problems. I know that I have much xvideos com to learn as a writer, and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism regarding this story. Please contact me at gaywriter72yahoo with suggestions and criticisms. Thanks! xvideoss Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 11:35:02 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Chapter 4 - Life and Loss The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. xvideos xvideos Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. *** This is a www.xvideo.com completely revised version of the original story... If you wwwxvideos.com are lost or confused please read it from the beginning in its entirety. Chapter 4 - The Dawn My eyes opened and I found myself lying in the same hospital bed that I had x videos.com been in thirteen days ago. The smell porn xvideos of antiseptics as strong as before assaulted my nose. "Morning Bransen" I said in my sleep slurred speech. "Morning Khore" he answered looking very well rested but concerned. xvideo gay "Sleep well?" I asked as I tried sitting up further in my hospital bed instead making myself content by xvideos gay finding the button to elevate the head. "Sleep Well did you ask?" the Doc snarled barging into the room slamming the door behind him. xxxvideo "Did you ask him if he slept well?" "That's all anyone could DO after your orgy induced escapades from last night! It was by sheer dumb luck that it was so late when you spiraled that energy through the complex. xvideos.com Most couples were already in their beds, but I can tell you this much, the maintenance people are NOT impressed x video with the mess that was made in Rec room!!" he xvideos anal ranted. A giggle escaped me at the thought of it. "How's Jason err Dusty doing?" I xvideos anal smiled in my dopey expression feeling kind of free xvideos drunk. "What the hells xvideos porno wrong xvideos red with you!?" Doc said defeated xvideos mom as he crossed the room to check my vitals and reflexes. "He's xvidoes doing very well in spite of the workout you put him through." He finally added. "If I didn't know better I'd swear you were piss drunk." Doc muttered. "You are going to xxx videos stay here under observation until I find out exactly what is going on with you." "You've got til noon Doc." A silly grin planted on my face, I blurted flopping my head to the side to look at Bransen. At least he wasn't yelling at me. "Noon Doc, by then Bransen should have my quarters assigned and ready and I will be moving there. Have Jason install a smaller version of the MFM device and equip it in the room so that if this should happen there, then no one will be affected." xvideos brasil I continued with a burst of clarity... only feeling it cloud over again. Nope... too hard xvidio to think right now... not going to bother. "Take some more blood, run some tests... show that naked video of me dressing" I x vedios chuckled, "have a xvido field day!" For the first time since Doc's entrance Bransen finally spoke up. "It might be for the x video best Doc. We can have Dusty install another MFM and keep him away from others, at least for the moment." "Yep yep!!!" I xvids quipped, "now... nap time!" I mumbled seeing Doc's aggravated expression turn toward me in the corner of my eye. With that the sounds blended around me as I drifted off into one of www.xvideo many forgettable dreams. My eyes popped open to the sound of steady heavy breathing with a light snore escaping at xvideos download regular x.videos intervals like xvidos some machine that was in desperate need porno xvideos of a tune up. Looking around I knew this room. It indian xvideos was the same quarters usually reserved xvideos japanese for Kelay. The grey metal walls were darkly lit with only the stray picture hung here and there to break the monotony. The room was ten foot across by xvideos hd ten foot deep. xvideos gays A xvideos 2 desk with connected work table filled the right wall from corner to corner adjacent the bed with a chair xvideos download tucked between its legs xvideos hd barely giving enough room for passage. In the left corner of the room on the front wall was the entry door to the quarters, and directly adjacent to it xvideos tamil gay xvideos on the left wall was the door leading to the bathroom room that contained a very small sink, toilet, and standing shower with room barely for two. A shower sounded like a wonderful idea, but not just xvieos yet. My bed was a small twin that would fit two persons should the need arise, and I didn't see any reason it shouldn't be used for that right now. "Bransen..." I whispered.... "Bransen.." I whispered slightly louder this time jerking him from his dreams or more possibly his nightmares. "Huh... ?" he grunted as his eyes opened to slits and he started to stretch slightly while pulling himself up into the chair. "Come here.. There is no sense xvedios you should sleep in such an uncomfortable place. You know how you get when you don't sleep well." I said scooting over to the right under the woolen x-videos blanket making space for him. I sleep on the right, always have. He stood and stumbled climbing over the end of the bed to the pillow I now shoved over for him to rest his head. With as much flair as a bull in an outhouse he climbed under the covers behind me rolling onto his right side as I was. Not knowing xvideos brasil what to do, or possibly more unconsciously he flopped his left arm over me for lack of anywhere else to put it. These beds were made for functionality, not convenience and there simply wasn't space to avoid it. I enjoyed the comfort www.xvideos it brought me as I heard his rhythmic breathing almost instantly fall back into its previous pattern as his breath xvideoss tickled the back of my neck. I pulled his arm tighter around xxvideo me from behind and enjoyed the warmth of him against porn xvideos my back. I felt safe, and dozed off with xvide that knowledge that should anything ever happen, he would be here to protect me, and I would be able to protect him. I woke some time later feeling the best I had in days xvideos mom before this entire mess with Bransen's arm still in tow as a shield holding me close in his slumber. Lifting his arm gently I felt him resist and pull me in closer grinding his obviously aroused body into mine. I lay still as he adjusted in his sleep. After a few moments passed again I lifted japanese xvideos his arm from x-videos me and quietly slid my way from xvideos free his grasp and tangle of covers xvedio out of the bed trying not to x videos.com disturb him. Finally free from the bed, I looked back xvideo at him. He was so peaceful looking though his face showed some aggravation in his sleep that free xvideos he was now alone in the bed. Shifting, he grabbed the pillow in my stead and gave it a tight squeeze comforting himself. He was gorgeous after all. His xvideos xvideos blond hair spilled around his face onto www xvideos the pillow in a tangle of yellow chaos. His body was muscular and bore the scars of so many xvedio battles before leaving its shiny mementoes here and there across his skin. His eyes xvideoss now closed are the lightest blue I had seen on anyone. It was like looking deep into the sky the color of his eyes. Quietly I made my way around the bed and to the dresser on his xvideos download side of the bed. I opened the wardrobe and pulled out xvideos jp a pair of black loose pants, and a billowy cotton blue shirt with sleeves that desi xvideos reached almost half way down the arms. This would do perfectly. I crept to the bathroom clothes in my arms and closed the bathroom door behind me. Putting the clothes on the sink, I lifted the toilet lid and released. Damn xvideos video that felt good. With a few shakes I tucked myself back into my pants and then opened the shower door and desi xvideos set the water to a medium heat. As steam began to roll through the tiny cubicle I stepped in and did my best to scrub www.xvideo.com myself clean from the last few days of fighting and sex. Finishing with my hair I opened the door and pulled the towel from the rack located xvideos gay on the nearby wall. Then again.. in here 'everything' xvideos.con was close. Blotting my semi xvideos japan curly brown hair dry I grabbed the clothes I'd selected from the sink and dressed while my damp curls left their mark on my collar and shoulders. I had xvideos.com had bangs before, xxvideos but after the transformation and my hack job on my mane of hair I simply combed it straight back and let it fall where ever it might, xvideos indonesia occasionally brushing a wet ringlet of hair xvideos .com back from my eyes. I felt absolutely refreshed. It had been the first time in days. I gathered my dirty clothes and the wet towel and tossed them into the tiny hamper that was wedged between the sink and www.xvideos.com wall. I got a fresh www.xvideos.com towel from the cabinet beneath the sink knowing that Bransen would want a fresh shower as well and hung it up on the hook by the door to the shower. Opening the bathroom door quietly I peaked out only to find Bransen sitting up in bed looking directly at me as xvedios I was xvido trying to be quiet. Well... no sense in it now. I walked out casually and made my way to the chair he had occupied earlier at the end of the bed. Bransen looked somewhat perplexed and I know what was on his mind. Looking at his quickly wakening expression, "No... we only slept." I had answered his question. japanese xvideos "You looked so uncomfortable, and the bed had room for two, and honestly... I needed the comfort xvideos jp of someone I xvideos could trust." I said with a little blush rising to my cheeks. "I need to shower." He said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. "There is a fresh towel on the hook. We'll talk when you are finished. Please help yourself to the clothing in the wardrobe. There should be something in there that will fit you. I know it is policy to keep a stock of xvideos mom different xvideos.com sizes just in case." I said to xvideos porn him with a mischievous smile. hd xvideos With that he xxxvideo hopped out of bed mom xvideos and made past me. It was a tight fit and I got a nice view of his muscled ass as he twisted to get past. xvideos.con He picked out a black pair of denim pants and deep blue short sleeve shirt. The shirt, we both knew xvideos indonesia would be too small, but would accent his powerful chest and arms and make his eyes stand out like stars in the night. He disappeared into the cramped bathroom and soon I heard the water running again. I got up and made the bed taking wwwxvideos a moment to stop and smell the pillow that he had used. Yeah... it smelled just like him, fresh with the odor of sleep xvidos.com and his natu